I WENT GHOST HUNTING?? (and life update)


It has been a kind of insane month. I say that as calmly as I can, but there were certainly points that were SCREAM worthy. It started with trying to move to the city for school, spending weeks searching and still ending up with nothing in the end. This adds an obvious level of stress to my life with having to commute to the city 3+ days a week. The other things (which are just a little too personal to share right now) all roll into one big stress tortilla.

On a positive note, I just received some official word that I will be a writer for Her Campus! If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, I’ll tell you! It’s an online publication for college age women (I know, awesome, right?) and Columbia College now has their own branch on the site. So, this is a pretty big thing for me and I can’t wait to work on some great stuff with some great, powerful gals. I can’t wait to share it with you all.


So I went ghost hunting. That’s right. It’s as weird as it sounds.

Let me give you a little back story real quick:

My parents have been super into going on ghost tours and doing some searching adventures for the past year. Last October, I decided to join them on a late-night tour through Downtown Naperville, IL. I was not scared at all going in because, honestly, I thought it was all dumb, but since it was near Halloween I went for something spooky to do. Within the first 20 minutes I was so terrified I had to opt out of the tour and run to the nearest Barnes and Noble for some brightly-lit salvation. That’s right, I CANNOT HANDLE PARANORMAL STUFF.

So fast forward to yesterday,

I was with my wonderful boyfriend Thomas and he had been pushing me to go with him for a few weeks. He saw the pictures of what my parents had captured on their phones and just NEEDED to see it for himself. i get the creeps even thinking about going, but I decided to push my fear aside and go with him (we went during daylight so I was fine). We walked around the historic Downtown Naperville for about an hour. It was actually a lovely walk because the weather felt very fall-like. I brought my DSLR and he used his phone; we snapped random pictures during the entire duration of the walk.

tumblr_ntlkyaLrzs1qesa1ho2_400I was freaking out during the entire thing. But, we left, went home and put the SD card into the computer. My heart rate was still way too high, anticipating what we might see. And, guess what? We found some really, really creepy stuff! Enough to make Tom, his mom, and me fall backwards.


I’ll insert some pictures and you can look & find for yourselves (it will require some serious zooming). But, if you’re looking for something ridiculously weird to do, I suggest giving it a go. I probably wouldn’t do it again, and certainly not at night, but it was a cool one-and-a-half time experience.



I promise I’m not as weird as this post is.


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