My Need-To-Have Fall Lipsticks

Lipstick is essential to me in my makeup routine. I could wear ONLY lipstick and i’d be satisfied. When Fall rolls around, I get super excited that I can wear my dark shades day or night.


Lipstick is universal. Every woman can find a shade that works for them (or that is a total disaster).. and almost everyone has a go-to shade. I definitely have my tight, trusty crew of colors that work for every outfit.

Here are some of my favorite FALL shades that I can’t wait to start using again:

Before you apply any lipstick or stain, be sure to lather your lips with a moisturizer or lip balm!

My favorite moisturizer is The Body Shop’s Lip Butter ($7.00). It’s a miracle worker.


Lipstick #1: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Bauhau5

IMG_2416 IMG_2418

(Fun fact: That little nub of a stick is all that is left. I have used and abused this lipstick)

This is MY lipstick. It’s described as a matte deep raspberry. This shade virtually has nothing wrong with it. It is good for day or night, not only during fall.. I wear this all year, and it stays on. When it does start to fade, it leaves behind a beautiful berry kiss. The formula is lush and smooth. I’m very pale, but this shade looks good on every skin tone. Once I run out, and I’ve had this a long time, I will definitely have to get another. This is one YOU NEED TO TRY.

PRICE: $21.00 (available at Sephora)

IMG_2414 IMG_2399

Lipstick #2: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in the shade Ruby Woo

IMG_2419 IMG_2420

(Just like Bauhau5, I’ve used this one down to a small, little nub)

It’s no secret that MAC owns the lipstick game. I only own two of them (Ruby Woo and Diva) and they’ve completely met my expectations. The pigmentation in Ruby Woo is ridiculous. When people say they’re looking for that “perfect red”, IT’S RUBY WOO. This shade lasts allllll day. It’s such a classically beautiful look and will stand through fashion seasons to come. The formula is very comfortable and soft; it never flakes. I think every girl should own this (unless you hate red).

PRICE: $17.00 (available on MAC Cosmetics website)

IMG_2422 IMG_2423

Lipstick #3: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade MÖtorhead

IMG_2430 IMG_2431

(This is a smaller size lipstick from a variety pack I got for Christmas)

Yet, another Kat Von D shade. I’m a big fan of her lipsticks and have you seen that packaging? Black studs.. how can you not. This shade is obviously QUITE dark, and it’s definitely not an everyday shade (unless you want to, then work it girl). It gives every look an edgy, badass twist. For me, the only time I would even dare to wear this is nighttime during Autumn. The application is a little tough since this shade is crazy dark; if you miss, it stains your face. But, it’s all worth it to turn into a grunge princess.

Price: $21.00 (for a full size, available at Sephora)

IMG_2427 IMG_2428

Lipstick #4: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Copenhagen 


(Soft tip applicator, not a typical lipstick tube)

If you haven’t heard great things about these yet, I’m gonna blow a little more sunshine up its tube. These are fantastic lipsticks. They stay on all day, barely flake until you go crazy eating something and have an insane pigmentation. Copenhagen is a burnt cherry/burgundy shade.. which SCREAMS Fall. It’s soft as butter and makes your lips feel amazing. Try this one and them all.

PRICE: $5.99 (Available at ULTA) — you really can’t beat this price.

IMG_2435 IMG_2436

(It looks lighter in the second pic, not sure why, it’s accurate to the first picture)

Lipstick #5: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Lovecraft

IMG_2443 IMG_2444

Can you tell I adore Kat’s lipsticks yet?

This is an awesome shade if you’re looking for a taupe-nude. I normally steer away from these kinds of shades since I am so pale, but this one is actually wearable! I really like the color because it has a slightly pinky undertone. If I can feel comfortable in this shade, anyone can (seriously). It’s very nice for daytime during fall and can basically match anything you’re wearing (maybe unless you’re wearing taupe). Quality is just like the other Studded Kiss Lipsticks I mentioned.

PRICE: $21.00 (Available at Sephora)


I hope this was helpful in your journey for some great fall shades!

Comment below with your favorite shade (even if it’s not listed here).

Thanks so much for reading


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