I went to a wedding!

I am super into weddings. Maybe it’s the hours of watching Four Weddings on TLC, or the beauty and time that everyone puts into them.

Yesterday, I went to the most beautiful wedding ever for my cousin. It started off in a front yard of a gorgeous home with large trees and woodland decor. It was so well done (even though they dealt with pouring rain).


We then headed over to the reception venue which totally blew my expectations. It was a super nice barn-themed reception (this place was beautiful). We were welcomed by mason jars with their names and wedding date on them, which were used all night to refill at the open bar.


The food was really good, not even just for wedding food. I had some chicken and potatoes and the rest of my table got salmon. EVERYONE WAS PLEASED. Their dessert area was perfect… cupcakes… the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.

Then, Tom and me got the party started by requesting Thriller. It worked and we danced for a good portion of the night.


The night ended and on our way out we may have pocketed some more of the delicious red velvet cupcakes.

It’s nice to see family come together despite their differences for a happy event.


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Emily Arias

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