Weekday trip to Franklin, Tennessee!

2020 has put a hard stop to any travel plans, and frankly, that should be the last thing anyone is worried about right now. The time will come when it is safe for us to head out on a trip, but for now, we are reminiscing on a trip from October 2019

Tom and I scored tickets to see one of our favorite artists, City and Colour, two nights in a row in Nashville. Each night he was playing at a different venue. First, we were at The Basement East, followed by the Nashville Performing Arts Center. The shows were great. But, we needed something to fill our time before the show.

We had been to Nashville once together before this most recent trip, and we discovered and stayed in Franklin (about 20 minutes outside of Nashville). It wasn’t until this trip that we ventured to the downtown area and got to do a little local livin’. 

We tried a few spots to eat in the Franklin (Williamson County) area, both were just delicious. The first was a cajun’ spot called Yats! I got a nice helping of drunk chicken and Tom tried the half and half plate with caribbean jerk etouffee and gumbo with chicken, crawfish and gumbo (yummo!). The service was great and the food was even better. But, be prepared with some Tums afterwards or you will be crying from acid reflux. Flavor town, baby!

The next day, we gave in to the advice of the Instagrammers and tried Biscuit Love in Downtown Franklin. I am usually hesitant to try “overhyped” restaurants, but boy, was she worth it. If you are looking for the most lovely fried chicken sandwich you’ve ever had in your life, let Biscuit Love lead the way to foodie heaven. The sandwich was served on a fresh made biscuit with gravy and cheese. Very healthy, very delicious. Oh, and their bathroom was Dolly Parton themed!


Now, what do two people full of chicken do with themselves when they’re in a town they’ve barely explored? They go to an old, haunted mansion, of course.

I am a sucker for a good historical tour. It doesn’t really matter what it is. If there is a guide ready to talk to me about something I can find even barely interesting, I am in… and give them a southern drawl? Even better. 

We found ourselves at the Carnton Plantation. And yes, it is exactly what you would expect when you hear the word plantation. This did not seem like a happy place, but it made for an interesting tour. We bought the combination ticket for $30/each that granted us entry to the Carnton Plantation and the Carter House.


I will likely do a separate post on just our experience at Carnton. But, I would absolutely suggest going on the tour if you are in your teens or older. There is a fair amount of walking, so eat before you go and stay hydrated. It might not be the best thing for kids, as there are explicit details of war times and other sensitive information.

There really is no shortage of things to check out in the Franklin and Nashville area. Go out and explore (when it’s safe of course)!

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