Weekday trip to Franklin, Tennessee!

How my boyfriend and I spent a couple of days in Franklin, TN, traveling from Chicago, Il.

Bedroom Decor Plans + Inspiration

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My bedroom has been my greatest creative inspiration and space for the last few years. It went from being a pastel purple teenage disaster littered with emo band posters to my rose gold glowing sanctuary. My bedroom doubles as my office right now, which means that I spend a lotĀ ofContinue reading “Bedroom Decor Plans + Inspiration”

I’m Making Money Doing What I Love

Hello everyone and happy Friday (woohoo!). Through an odd series of connections and events over the last month and a half I have been working as a freelance reporter for a local community newspaper in my area. It has been absolutely wonderful getting to go out and report, write and take pictures to create articlesContinue reading “I’m Making Money Doing What I Love”

The Reality of College Graduation and Life After

This is not a post to sh*t on going to college, getting an education, etc. I loved college (2 out of 3 that I went to) and had some of my absolute best times (and some scary times, I’m looking at you Chicago 7-Eleven robbery), learned a lot and became a much better journalist thanContinue reading “The Reality of College Graduation and Life After”