Brewing kombucha at home: growing my SCOBY

Make great, homemade kombucha with your own SCOBY. Follow this recipe for an easy experience.

Super easy + healthy breakfast recipes

I will firmly admit that I don’t eat breakfast every single day, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I find that breakfast is the perfect opportunity to eat both dairy-free and vegan, which I do not follow throughout the rest of the day (I’ve tried, it’s not for me, I’M SORRY VEGANS… IContinue reading “Super easy + healthy breakfast recipes”

Easy Mini Pumpkin Pies

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for abandoning you for quite some time, but I am back with an honestly really delicious dessert recipe to make up for it. Thanksgiving is coming up next week, so I wanted to make sure I had this available for you guys. Let’s be real… it’s not Thanksgiving unless you gainContinue reading “Easy Mini Pumpkin Pies”

End of Summer Recipe — Pineapple-Mango Green Smoothie

I have been on a crazy smoothie kick lately after taking a break (I was SMOOTHIED OUT). It helped having my wisdom teeth pop through my gums and make solid foods really hard to eat. This smoothie is a perfect taste of those last few weeks of Summer. It is tropical, fruity and all kindsContinue reading “End of Summer Recipe — Pineapple-Mango Green Smoothie”

Perfect Summer Breakfast: Blueberry Acai Smoothie Bowl

Chances are you’ve heard of these Acai (HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE IT?!?) bowls. I was a little skeptical to give it a try because they looked like purple mud, but it is now one of my absolute favorite things. They are incredibly filling and keep you full and happy well into lunch. Here is theContinue reading “Perfect Summer Breakfast: Blueberry Acai Smoothie Bowl”