My trip to Seattle

Back in February, after little deliberation, my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Washington state for June. I had one thing on my mind, and it was graduating college and immediately leaving for the trip the next day. It acted as my motivation for months. Turns out it wasn’t the best idea I’ve everContinue reading “My trip to Seattle”

5 Places You Must Eat Your First Time In Chicago

Chicago is an absolutely amazing city. I’m going to be bias and go as far as saying it’s the best city ever. But, really, if you’ve never been.. put it on your priority travel list. Try to go sometime between May and October or you will be wishing you were anywhere else (unless you loveContinue reading “5 Places You Must Eat Your First Time In Chicago”


PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN We are in september now which means it is fully fall and what better place to celebrate the changing of seasons other than Trader Joe’s. This store is awesome in general, even more so if you’re vegan or have allergies.. they have a wide selection (neither apply to me), and theyContinue reading “FALL TRADER JOE’S HAUL”

MET Gala Fashion 2015 – The Good and The WHAT

The time has come again for fashions finest to showcase their work on celebrities at the Met Gala 2015. The event, which was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, took place May 4th with an interesting theme: China: Through the Looking Glass. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, andContinue reading “MET Gala Fashion 2015 – The Good and The WHAT”

Whimsical Wednesday: Why I Love Not Wearing Makeup (some days)

  It’s no secret that society makes being female quite difficult. There’s the ridicule for our weight, our face (which we ultimately can’t control without surgery), and our behavior. Who is to say how I should act and look?  I’m my biggest critic, probably like most of you reading this are, and there have beenContinue reading “Whimsical Wednesday: Why I Love Not Wearing Makeup (some days)”

Perfect Summer Breakfast: Blueberry Acai Smoothie Bowl

Chances are you’ve heard of these Acai (HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE IT?!?) bowls. I was a little skeptical to give it a try because they looked like purple mud, but it is now one of my absolute favorite things. They are incredibly filling and keep you full and happy well into lunch. Here is theContinue reading “Perfect Summer Breakfast: Blueberry Acai Smoothie Bowl”

Do I Attract Creeps (and other concerns from being in the city)?

Just a typical Monday and I survived my long morning commute to Chicago via train. The music in my earphones drowned out the chatter of people arguing with the conductors about why they don’t have a ticket (this happens every time). I grabbed a black coffee to wake me up from the corner bakery outsideContinue reading “Do I Attract Creeps (and other concerns from being in the city)?”