Local Day Out – Suburban Chicago Garden Boutique

Started off Memorial Day with a trip to a new local plant boutique in Downtown Aurora.

Bedroom Decor Plans + Inspiration

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My bedroom has been my greatest creative inspiration and space for the last few years. It went from being a pastel purple teenage disaster littered with emo band posters to my rose gold glowing sanctuary. My bedroom doubles as my office right now, which means that I spend a lotĀ ofContinue reading “Bedroom Decor Plans + Inspiration”

I’m Making Money Doing What I Love

Hello everyone and happy Friday (woohoo!). Through an odd series of connections and events over the last month and a half I have been working as a freelance reporter for a local community newspaper in my area. It has been absolutely wonderful getting to go out and report, write and take pictures to create articlesContinue reading “I’m Making Money Doing What I Love”

The Reality of College Graduation and Life After

This is not a post to sh*t on going to college, getting an education, etc. I loved college (2 out of 3 that I went to) and had some of my absolute best times (and some scary times, I’m looking at you Chicago 7-Eleven robbery), learned a lot and became a much better journalist thanContinue reading “The Reality of College Graduation and Life After”

Natural Products I’ve Been Loving

Winter is here again. The time that my skin decides to wreak absolute havoc and I am forced to stay indoors thanks to the chilly, snowy Chicagoland weather. Any other Midwesterners out there understand the pain right along with me? I have to admit I have a horrible tendency to let my skin dry veryContinue reading “Natural Products I’ve Been Loving”

My Ultimate Travel Wishlist

Nothing like the first day of September to remind you that the warmer days will soon be behind us. I am a huge fan of fall, but I can’t help my mind from constantly thinking where I could be instead as the temperatures begin to drop. For the last three years, my boyfriend and IContinue reading “My Ultimate Travel Wishlist”

A day at the farmers market

Did someone say fresh local honey? This weekend I ventured over to a little town called Wheaton, IL to check out their Saturday French Market. I’m a sucker for the words “fresh”, “local”, “natural”, “non-GMO”, “better than the grocery store produce section”, and I was not let down with the beautiful choices of fruits, vegetables,Continue reading “A day at the farmers market”

Liebster Award + Nominations

Hello to all my lovely followers, old and new! I’ve spent the last year finishing up college (officially a graduate, woo!) and working at my marketing internship. I’m so happy to be back on the blog and able to share things with you guys again. I really missed this community. A big thank you toContinue reading “Liebster Award + Nominations”